>> Neeltje Romke de Vries

>> Neeltje Romke de Vries

Neeltje Romke de Vries studied law and art history at the University of Amsterdam. After an internship at Sotheby’s, she wrote her thesis titled “The art expert opinion: what art experts must do or should do before attributing or dating a work of art”. In this thesis she investigated the possibility of formulating a standard for the due diligence of art experts, based on art-historical, technical, legal, comparative law research and market research.

After working at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and a law firm, Neeltje remained fascinated by the attribution process and the role of the art expert in the market. For this reason, she joined a foundation to research specialised mediation and arbitration proceedings for disputes related to the authenticity of art and contributed to their development, which plans have now developed into a specific arbitration tribunal for art disputes.

For a number of years Neeltje advised various (non-profit) organisations and has given guest lectures at the University of Amsterdam in the course ‘art and law’. Neeltje has a keen eye for governance in interaction with society. Neeltje has experience in the field of liabilities of/within organisations and apart from international trade, transport and insurance she also deals with transport and insurance of art objects. Neeltje was admitted to the bar of The Hague in February 2017 and worked there at an international firm until her transfer to Codex Mulder.

Neeltje speaks Dutch and English and has basic knowledge of French, German and Italian.

Attorney at law