>> Demi van Hove

>> Demi van Hove

Demi van Hove joined Codex Mulder in 2016 and works as an attorney at law. During her Bachelor of Law at Leiden University, Demi spent a semester at the University of Florida, where she developed an interest in international (public and private) law. Additionally, Demi pursued a minor in Journalism and New Media, where she was able to combine and develop her legal and journalistic skills.

During her master Public International Law, Demi worked as an intern at the Dutch Embassy in Rabat, Morocco, where she gained experience in international trade. After completing her internship, Demi started working for Codex Mulder.

Aside from her work as a lawyer, Demi has a passion for making and teaching (legal) courses. Demi is a member of the Marine Insurance Associates (MIA). Demi is fluent in English and Dutch, has a working knowledge of French and German and a very basic knowledge of Spanish.


Attorney at law